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Collaborative House is a renovated historic bank situated in the heart of the heritage listed town of Stanley, just a short walk from the beach. It features a beautiful modern interior with a striking art collection and a garden area with mountain views.

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About Divorce Hotel

Divorce Hotel Australia is a quicker, cheaper but more importantly a more amicable way to do your divorce. We can help you navigate through your divorce in a way that best suits you. We understand that navigating a divorce is an emotionally challenging time and dealing with the associated legal process may become daunting.

The thought of a divorce can be cumbersome. But we can provide you with a “one-stop-shop” by giving you with the necessary lawyers, mediator, financial advisor and if needed a therapist. Instead of you and your partner engaging separate lawyers and dragging out the process, Divorce Hotel Australia allows you to tackle the issues in one weekend and takes away the stress and financial burden.

Divorce Hotel Australia will get you away from the outside intervention of your possibly prejudice friends and family members. You and your partner can have time together in neutral territory to work through the divorce without any added stress or anxiety.

Divorce Hotel Australia uses Collaborative House as the venue for your Divorce. Collaborative House is a beautiful and tranquil location for you and your partner to relax and work through the details of your divorce.