Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a dispute resolution process in which the client and their lawyers commits to negotiating an outcome without resorting to litigation.
Each client is represented by a collaboratively trained lawyer throughout the process. The lawyers will help and guide their client and the other party to understand each other’s concerns and find focus in their common interests. This allows parties to explore a wide range of possible choices and reach solutions that are acceptable to both parties.

The collaborative process is voluntary and confidential. We use independent third parties, such as financial adviser and therapists to ensure that a fair and reasonable outcome is attained.
All negotiations are conducted differently to the traditional positional bargaining approach commonly used in the legal system. Instead, it is based on both the clients and the lawyers adopting interest-based negotiation techniques.

Throughout the process of collaborative law, litigation can never be threatened. Neither party will be able to take advantage of the other and all negotiations are conducted in a safe and confidential environment.
Divorce Hotel Australia uses collaborative law in a relaxed and tranquil environment to ensure the easiest outcome for you and your partner.

The Benefits of Collaborative Law

In 2017-2018 over 20,000 new applications were made in the Family Court of Australia.

The Attorney General has said, “Despite the number of cases filed each year remaining relatively static over the past five years, the number of family law matters awaiting resolution has grown from 17,200 to 21,000 and the median time taken to reach trial has grown in both courts, from 10.8 months to 15.2 months in the Federal Circuit Court and from 11.5 months to 17 months in the Family Court.”

Collaborative Law makes sure that you and your partner do not have to be one of those statistics.