In many disputes, especially matters involving children, there are other professionals such as counsellors and family therapists who can offer expert advice and assistance to you. Learning how to communicate with one another and resolve conflict as it arises will be invaluable long after the ‘legal process’ is finished.

In disputes involving financial matters, financial advisers or valuers or accountants may be needed to provide information or advice.  Similarly, environmental experts or surveyors may be called upon to assist the process in other types of matters.

Our entire process is very flexible and other professionals may be used in a team approach to work with or alongside your lawyers.  You may wish to see them separately or together in a meeting with the lawyers or they may report to a meeting.  How such an expert is used is decided and agreed by you.

Divorce Hotel Australia will provide you with all the necessary professionals for your matter to ensure that it is resolved as efficiently as possible.

The Process

We make the process as easy as possible. We will first interview you and your partner either over the phone or in person to ensure that you are both suitable candidates for the program. We will make it our duty to ensure that have any necessary financial documents prepared before the weekend so that there are no delays in the process.

Once you proceed through the interview process, we will arrange a date for you and your partner to spend two nights in Collaborative House in picturesque Stanley, Tasmania. During these few days we will guide you through the process of your divorce.

Couple in Divorce Mediation